Sunday, September 2, 2007

Remove The Media Altogether

No, I don't mean we should forgo the First Amendment and rid the world of information the media provides. What I do mean, however, is that we should eliminate it as a cog in the wheel of college football determinations. With the NFL, it doesn't matter who Collinsworth picks to win the NFC South, NFC, or the Superbowl. It is determined on the field. Not so much in college football. Before the pigskin is launched into the air for the season's opening kickoff, many teams have already received a sealed fate from the media. While some teams are able to claw their way into the BCS rankings, despite minimal preseason rankings, it is clear that the top spots must be within reach from the beginning. Now, part of me should be glad for this. My beloved LSU Tigers are near the top of most polls. So, this should bode well for my season as long as we take care of business on the field. The common sense in me, however, screams otherwise. We should remove this bias as a part of the game. Sure, we have taken a mighty step by eliminating the AP poll as a determining factor, but there's more that needs to be done. I am willing to accept a BCS poll that statistically determines the winner. I also realize we cannot go by win/loss records alone. But, to know that the media is run by money gained from their own televised games, reeks of impropriety. It is in their vested interest to hype Notre Dame every year, despite the obvious lack of success the conscious world expects. I wonder how they will manage to get the struggling Irish into a bowl this year.
Well, it is easy to sit here and whine, but what is the solution? The answer is not simple. It means pulling apart the BCS formulas and eliminating any considerations given to media and even coach's polls (without going on another rant, I will justify this statement by reminding you all that every year Spurrier votes for Duke in the 25 spot). It also means we establish some consistency amongst the conferences. All conferences must play a championship. If USC wants to bow out of the NCAA because of this, that's fine with me.
Now the big change, we go to a playoff. I won't clog this post with the details, but if we can schedule 119 Div I-A schools across 11 or 12 games in about 14 weeks to include some Div I-AA schools, I am certain we can figure out about 8 schools playing over 6 weeks.
Regarless of the solution, there is no place for the media and its vested interest in college football.

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